Finding files associated with current install of Asterisk before Upgrade

Hello all - I have an OLD version (1.8) of Asterisk installed that I need to upgrade to at least v13. I have been burned in the past when upgrading by missing a config file/library/directory/etc that wasn’t in what I’ll call the parent directory of the application (not Asterisk).

So my question is this - if the initial install of Asterisk 1.8 was done into the ‘Asterisk’ directory, are there any files/directories that could have been created outside of this main install directory? Is there a default list of files/directories that get installed somewhere? (I read, to the best of my attention span, through the 1.8 doc and couldn’t find what I was looking for).

I just don’t want to miss a config file that is needed for Asterisk to run post upgrade.


RHEL 6.10, recently upgraded
Production system, with no lab/QA/dev devices for testing the install prior to going to production (I know, bad design, but it was originally a dev set up that was hijacked into production). It is a critical tool platform, so down time is restricted to 4 hours during maintenance window, so imperative that I don’t miss anything.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated.

configuration files should be in
sound files should be in
voicemail files should be in
modules should be in

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Thank you so very much!!!

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