Find-me sequential dial

I am trying to setup a solution where I can ring multiple devices simultaneously. Kind of like the findme feature but simultaneous ring instead of sequential. I need to be able to monitor and accept the calls by pressing 1.

I have gotten this setup the only problem I am having is that if the dialed party hangs up without pressing option 1 or 2 it hangs up on the caller as well. I would like it to send the call to voicemail.

I thought about setting a variable in the macro and checking it on the eric_findme context and if it matched send it to voicemail but variable inheritance doesn’t seem to work that way.


; Macro for blasting calls if enabled in findme settings.
; $ARG1 = timeout mailbox context
;exten=>s,n,GoToIf($["${CHANNEL:0:3}" = "PJS"]?accept,1)
exten=>s,3,GoToIf($[ "${action}" = "1" ]?6)
exten=>s,4,GoToIf($[ "${action}" = "2" ]?5)
exten=>s,6,MacroExit() ; Do not set MACRO_RESULT to anything to connect the caller