File location problem pls help me

I have install asterisk , after this i have very hard try to find this file chan_sync.conf but i can’t find any one help me to find it

i want to configure this one tool if any know about this then pls pls help me

This appears to be part of some third party add on only in use in China. The chan_sync.conf on that site looks remarkably like a chan_sip.conf.

It also looks like it is probably abandonware, as the last update was three years ago.

so dear David551 sir it’s mean i use Chan_sip.conf then no need Chan_sync.conf

No. It means you need to to contact the people who wrote that software.

All I can say is that the file looks like a chan_sip.conf file. I have no idea what chan_sync is or why that file should look like a chan_sip one.

Dear Respected Sir David551 i have but i don’t know which ver support it also have both i don’t know how to configure with asterisk or install dear i m new in asterisk that’s why i need help again and again but thanks you too much for help

I would suggest that you write to the author, see It doesn’t appear to be part of any standard version of Asterisk.