Festival hanging up channel

I’m trying to setup Festival for text to speech but when it runs the Festival command it hangs up the channel. Here is the debug. Any one have an idea why its doing this?

-- Executing [s@project:1] Answer("SIP/rapidvox-00000000", "") in new stack

[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2179]: pbx.c:4230 pbx_extension_helper: Launching ‘Festival’
– Executing [s@project:2] Festival(“SIP/rapidvox-00000000”, “we are playing a message”) in new stack
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/festival.conf’: [May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2179]: config.c:1512 config_text_file_load: Parsing /etc/asterisk/festival.conf
== Found
[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2179]: app_festival.c:374 festival_exec: Text passed to festival server : we are playing a message
[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2179]: app_festival.c:467 festival_exec: Passing text to festival…
[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2179]: app_festival.c:489 festival_exec: Passing data to channel…
[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2135]: devicestate.c:340 _ast_device_state: No provider found, checking channel drivers for SIP - rapidvox
[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2135]: chan_sip.c:26365 sip_devicestate: Checking device state for peer rapidvox
[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2135]: devicestate.c:458 do_state_change: Changing state for SIP/rapidvox - state 1 (Not in use)
[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2135]: devicestate.c:438 devstate_event: device ‘SIP/rapidvox’ state ‘1’
[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2172]: app_queue.c:1487 handle_statechange: Device ‘SIP/rapidvox’ changed to state ‘1’ (Not in use) but we don’t care because they’re not a member of any queue.
[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2179]: app_festival.c:510 festival_exec: Festival WV command
domU-12-31-39-06-25-21*CLI> client(2) Fri May 11 12:41:17 2012 : disconnected
[May 11 12:41:17] DEBUG[2179]: channel.c:5171 set_format: Set channel SIP/rapidvox-00000000 to write format slin
[May 11 12:41:18] DEBUG[2179]: pbx.c:5047 __ast_pbx_run: Spawn extension (project,s,2) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/rapidvox-00000000’
== Spawn extension (project, s, 2) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/rapidvox-00000000’
[May 11 12:41:18] DEBUG[2179]: channel.c:2683 ast_softhangup_nolock: Soft-Hanging up channel ‘SIP/rapidvox-00000000’
[May 11 12:41:18] DEBUG[2179]: channel.c:2831 ast_hangup: Hanging up channel ‘SIP/rapidvox-00000000’
[May 11 12:41:18] DEBUG[2179]: chan_sip.c:6271 sip_hangup: Hanging up zombie call. Be scared.

If it matters, server is on Amazon EC2