Festival doesnt work, please help

hi, I’ve followed the instruction of the book “the future of telephony” about festival configuration, but when I execute next intruction:

festival --server

the machine puts me this message:"socket: bind failed"
why?, what I must do to fix this problem?, please, expert people help me, I will appreciate your comments

do you have anything else running that’s binding to 1314 (default festival port), or do you actually already have festival installed ???

Run the command # ps -e |grep festival
and kill the processes . Now start the festival server once again


I have the same problem. I did what you suggested and it doesn´t work. Any other idea?



Install flite :wink: much easier on resources and will work in realtime


Or try the * swift application, see cepstral.com/, good quality, simple to use with Asterisk, you can try the voices for free and the price per port is only 30 $.

Marco Bruni


I just read this and find this interesting… how do you make it run with Asterisk ?
OK, you can download, and then ? I use the command swift ?? that’s it ?
(Not sure to know how to use it…)



How to install Cepstral voices: cepstral.com/cgi-bin/support … ux#install .
Simple how to about app_swift: syednetworks.com/asterisk-te … cepstral-2 .
The app_swift site: mezzo.net/asterisk/app_swift.html .

Marco Bruni