Federal Law Proposal Require all MLTS/PBX Phones Dial 911

Just so everyone is aware and may want to voice their opinion on this law proposal.

There is an ongoing petition to make it a federal law to require all PBX to have 911 functionality.

And it looks like it is being picked up.

I know E911, can be implemented properly and even with dial plan that covers 911 9911 and other combinations to ensure it gets dialed out, I also found this site with the current state laws:

I think it would be great if the law included a E911 voip provision with a federal maintained 911 voip endpoint. Which can be used as a failover local 911 or PSTN is unresponsive.

I wanted to share this and hear other peoples opinion on the subject.

Howdy y’all,

Well, it happened! Multiple laws in the US, actually… for Kari, and Ray Baum, in particular… but this is the most recent post for “Kari” that I could find in these forums… and none yet for Ray…

I agree on the change in dial plan configuration - from 9911 to 911 - being eminently doable with some planning and care but not too much time and effort. Or, include both patterns, then strip the extra 9 before sending out the trunk. And add 933 for testing while you are in there :slight_smile:

But concerning automatic notification requirements when 911 is dialed, the Switchvox approach appears to be to send an email:


Sangoma does suggest FreePBX compliance is possible, and teased some updates earlier this month:


Although what was actually presented earlier this week seems to outsource the notification problem to closed SaaS via Voip Innovations, a Sangoma company, using text-messaging and a manual option to listen-in (not talk) on the ongoing emergency call:

Instead of requiring a working email subsystem on your phone system, which can be a PITA if the email account password automatically expires every six months – not to mention, slow, because, email – I offer up the idea for faster phone-based, DIY alternative configurations involving the Originate and ConfBridge applications in Asterisk – Always Be Conferencing – along with a slew of other links to help navigate these waters:


Please let me know your thoughts and any links I missed!