Features included?


i’m currently evaluating some PABXs to replace an old one.

i have some questions, which i cannot find in any documentation.

  • Is it possible to connect a so called “LB - Local Battery” phone to any hardware, which is compatible with Asterisk?
  • is it possible, to to generate the ringing voltage for the FXS interface manually, e.g. with a Button on a SIP Useragent?
  • Does any hardware support the Hook Flash on the FXO interface?
  • is it further possible to substitute a agent? that means, if Agent A substitutes Agent B, Agent A and Agent B get both the incoming calls.
  • Can a Supervisor cut in an acitve call?
  • does any hardware support Voice signalling on FXS interface?
  • Is it possible to make a line conference? That means, if a FXO line is busy, another agent can connect to the active call? and if this is possible. is it possible to restrict this feature?

I know, that these are a lot of questions, but i tried to sum up all my questions, that i only have to write one topic.

thank you in advance for your help.