Features, feature codes and applicationmap

Hi there!
I’m trying to configure a multitenant pbx. To do this, I need to have differents features codes for each tenant. Starting with the parked call features, I tried to implement an application map that calls the park command. Something like this:
blindxfer => #1
atxfer => *2
parkcall => #72
park => #72,peer,Park()

When I try to launch the feature with #72 all is ok, but when I try to launch the feature with #70 the call drops.
I also tried this: https://blogs.asterisk.org/2016/03/30/setup-call-parking/ but calling the “700” extension during a call, asterisk (correctly) create a new channel and parks itself, leaving the original call in standby.
Any suggest?

Thanks a lot!


You want to transfer the caller to 700, not call 700 yourself.

I’d stay way from DTMF based parking and only use the transfer method.

thanks john, the problem is: How can I do it?

You posted a link to the blog showing how to do multi-tenant, that method works, I’d suggest following it as a starting point.

Hi john,
thanks for your attention… my problem is that I need to create a code for each tenant. The multitenant system works like a charm, but I can’t provide a code like “#170” (where #1 is the transfer code and 70 the park exten) to transfer the calls. I need to create a feature code for each tenant. I tried with the application map, doing a SendDTMF or a Park command (like in the sample above), and also a Macro. But none of this seems to work (I get a spawn extension but I can’t see what does really happens).
Thank you

You shouldn’t need to create a feature code per tenant, the same parking extension should work for all your users per the blog post you referenced.

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