Features.conf applications

Hi all,

What I want to do

  1. My telemarketer calls a number.
  2. Someone answers and starts abusing my telemarketer
  3. Telemarketer presses ** on the number pad, flagging the call record.
  4. When a supervisor looks through CDRs he/she can listen and evaluate the flagged calls.

I’ve been trying to modify the userfiled from features.conf, using

flag_call => **,self/caller,Set(CDR(userfield)="1")

but that did not work. When I try to press ** during the call, I get the following message from asterisk

WARNING[1473]: res_features.c:977 feature_exec_app: Could not find application (Set(CDR(userfield)=“1”))

I also tried running a system command with the following,

flag_call => **,self/caller,System(/bin/echo ${CDR(uniqueid)} >> /tmp/cdrs)

It also fails with a Could not find application mesage.

Thanks in advance

You have a syntax error in your usage. Your entry should look like:

flag_call => **,self/caller,Set,CDR(userfield)="1"

How you do the features.conf work???

what is in your extensions.conf?

i have spend about 10 hours in get whatever feature works without succes…

i want somethink like press #9 and hear tt-mopneys or somethinks please help me…