Feature request: Port wideband audio support of res_musiconhold to app_mp3

Hello everyone,

according to a commit from Jan 2014 for Asterisk 12, res_musiconhold was adapted to support wideband audio.
app_mp3 currently sticks to 8 kHz, which is a bad user experience when using Asterisk in a context where every client has wideband audio.
I think it would be logical to “cross-port” this adaption to app_mp3, because both modules basically just call mpg123.

Feature requests are more likely to be noticed on the developer mailing list, although this is still only likely to be done if a community member volunteers.

Thanks for your reply. Since no one answered so far, I will give it a try at the mailing lists.

Apparently, someone now did this for Asterisk 11, 13 and 14. For some weird reasons I am not allowed to put links to the github commits here, so here are the UIDs:


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