FCC/ACTA number

One of my clients is using an Asterisk based auto-dialing system. The state of Texas requires that anybody calling within that state must register with their Public Utilities Commission, and their application requires an FCC or ACTA registration number. Does Asterisk have one? If not, has anybody else navigated this regulatory gobbledygook successfully?

Is this really such an obscure or dumb question that nobody has an answer? Surely there is somebody out there who is legally using ViciDial to call into Texas. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j& … Yw&cad=rja

maybe what you are looking for

If we were using any such device, that would indeed be the information we need. Of course, if we were using an interface card, there would also be an FCC/ACTA number printed on the card. The problem is, we’re using SIP, so there is no hardware interface directly to the PSTN, hence no device from which to obtain an FCC/ACTA number. This may be a case where the regulators haven’t caught up with the technology, though I find it difficult to believe that nobody has licensed a SIP auto dialer in Texas - we’re not talking bleeding edge technology here.

This does remind me of one other option, though - our old dialer worked with POTS lines, and did have an interface card in it. So I suppose the easiest solution to the problem is just to register the old one and be done with it. But while that’s the easiest option, it isn’t the right one. Which gets me back to my original question. And what I don’t know is, can you get FCC/ACTA registration for software, or is that process only for hardware devices? Our SIP phones have registration numbers, as do interface cards and “Asterisk appliances” such as Digium’s VoIP gateways. But so far as I can tell, not Asterisk itself.