Faxsend with a logo

I am using customer inputs from an inbound call to generate a .txt file to send to another group via fax.

  • Caller input captured in channel variables
  • Channel variables written to ${UNIQUEID}.txt file
  • ${UNIQUEID}.txt file converted to ${UNIQUEID}.ps file (enscript)
  • ${UNIQUEID}.ps file converted to ${UNIQUEID}.tiff file (ghostscript)
  • ${UNIQUEID}.tiff file sent to fax machine using Faxsend.

This all works, but we were hoping to be able to add a logo to the top right to make the fax appear more professional.

Does anyone have any ideas on how we might be able to make this happen? Thanks for your help!

Single or multipage?

There are many ways of doing it with single page.

For multipage you may be able to write a prologue to the postcript that redefines the end of page operator.

You can always split the tiff file, convert to pbm, and use image magick to or in the logo, before reversing the process.

You may be able to find watermarking tools for postscript files.

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Single page. the goal would be to have a logo in the top right and two sentences that make up the body of the document. What do you recommend?

I was having trouble installing image magick