I’m just starting out with Asterisk Now and I am planning to get rid of my landline and just route my calls over the internet and lease a landline number to route calls inbound. Is there any that will allow me to send faxes from my physical fax machine?

Also what sort of hardware am I going to need?

and does Asterisk offer music when you place a caller on hold and the ability to have conference calls - i’m guessing this as much about the provider of the “telephone line”. Any cheap ones out there with unlimited UK landline calls?

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If you are using AsteriskNOW, you should direct your questions to the forum for your choice of GUI, e.g. freepbx.org/forums.

Asterisk supports queues, conferences and music on hold.

If you have a very high quality connection, the ITSP uses G.711 codecs, and they don’t force the use of T.38, you will need an ATA or a DAHDI/Asterisk compatible FXS line card. If they force T.38 or the choice of codecs forces it, you will probably need third party software - most people in those circumstances would not use a POTS fax machine.