FAX for Asterisk license different from license *.lic file


I am using fax solution.

roseCLI> fax show version*
FAX For Asterisk Components:

  •   Applications: 12.8.2*
  •   Digium FAX Driver: 12.0_1.3.1 (Optimized for generic_64)*

But my system had errors below.

[Apr 8 00:17:09] WARNING[7284][C-0000000d] res_fax_digium.c: Cannot reserve FAX session - session limit exceeded (max: 0).
[Apr 8 00:17:09] ERROR[7284][C-0000000d] res_fax.c: Unable to reserve FAX session.

One of guy being suspected the license issue because fax licensing information by “fas show license”

roseCLI> fax show license*
FREE fax license:0
Total licensed ports:0

Furthermore, the hostid value of the license file and hostid value of the command(“fax show hostid”) are displayed differently.

#ls /var/lib/asterisk/licenses

#cat /var/lib/asterisk/licenses/FAX-EXL9MY4369UF.lic
Product: RESFAX
MaxCalls: 4
ExpDate: 2035-09-08
HOST-ID: c9:c719:7e:08:13:f:0z:b5:9a:65:fb:e9:d0:97:e5:10:55:f:cf
Signature: nvBQfolhEtrq…/1/Z…

#roseCLI> fax show hostid*
Host-ID: 84:da:bf:54:41:1:66:81:33:6c:08:db:9e:83:2c:3a:33:f8:ea:bb <===different

One of guy was tried to reload module res_fax_digium.so but still refer Host-id unlike license file.

rose*CLI> module reload res_fax_digium.so
Module ‘res_fax_digium.so’ reloaded successfully.
– Reloading module ‘res_fax_digium.so’ (Digium G.711 and T.38 FAX Technologies (Optimized for generic_64))
== res_fax_digium Host-ID: 84:da:bf:54:41:1:66:81:33:6c:08:db:9e:83:2c:3a:33:f8:ea:bb
== Found total of 0 FAX for Asterisk license
== res_fax_digium limiting support to 0 sessions

I’m sure there is no any add/delete/change the Linux Ethernet network configuration.
Is this license file was corrupted? or how can i reload the license?

any help thanks

Something changed about your network interfaces resulting in the host ID changing. You can use the register utility[1] to register again. If this does not work or you are out of available registrations then you would need to contact Sangoma Technical Support for assistance.

[1] http://downloads.digium.com/pub/register/

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