Fax fails, Reason 3

I have setup a GSM gateway to be able to call out. I am trying to send a fax through this gateway but I am running into some troubles. Here is what asterisk outputs (I took my phone number out):

Here is my call file that I copy into /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/:

What happens when I copy that into the outgoing directory is that the fax machine will ring as if it is trying to get that fax but once the fax machine says ‘connecting…’ asterisk ends the call with the ‘reason 3’ stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. In some countries, SIM cards are alloud to make only Voice calls, or Voice + data, or voice + data + fax.
  2. If you use GSM modem for GSM gateway - it is very interesting (I have no specific experience but in one of my previous works - I had involved in this matter). Normally if you have GSM modem you can make calls (fax or data) through serial port. There are 3 (or more) FAX standarts. Normally fax through landlines is group 1 (may be group 2)*. FAX through GSM is Group 3 - or Grpoup 3.0 - I am not sure. In my previous work we made special device which could be connected to normal FAX machine through RJ11, and from other side to GSM/SAT modem - through RS232. For FAX machine - everything looks like normal PSTN line with other FAX on the other end.
    I don’t think you could sent/receive FAX through voice channel of GSM modem without some conversions - but may be I am wrong - I was involved in that project but not as main developper - mainly DB, store, tools etc.
    If you try to make dial through serial line - you should dial number like
    9999 - this is data call
    9999# - this is Voice call
    for fax - I dont know