Fax Box without T38 Protocol

Can anyone confirm or send me in the right direction…

I have an asterik system that is being fed by an XO telecommunications T-1 Line (10 channels of voic and 14 for data)

Teh folks that do the heavy lifting on teh phone system are telling me that they can not set up a fax box…

Most likely this is caused by xo not running a T38 Protocol…

I have no reason to doubt these folks…Just want to see if there is a work around

Asterisk does not support T.38 end to end (you can only use it as pass through). You may want to look at Callweaver (Callweaver.org - a form of asterisk 1.2.X) which does support “end to end” T.38.

Interesting…So the apparent lack of T38 would not cause an issue setting up fax boxes via a shared T1.

anyone know where I can get some step by step istructions how todo this?

How are you doing the faxing ? What is your set up ?

Looking to utilize two of the DIDs (out of the 10 of 24 coming in from XO Communications via the T1) for inbound faxes and have these faxes go to a specified email address.

Not looking for outbound fax capability…That is handled via our Copy Machine

Have a look at:

Many thanks!