Fatal Error

We were attempting to add ()'s around a name that our client would like excluded from the directory. However, when we click submit we are receiving a fatal error. Now anytime we go into many of the extensions and hit submit, the same thing occurs even if we didn’t make any changes. Anyone know what might be causing this. If you need more info on the error, let me know.

You seem to be talking about some graphical software, which may or may not be related to Asterisk and may or may not be supported here. Please say exactly what software you are using and exactly which versions.

Sorry about that, it’s actually running FreePBX 2.8.02

relevant to freepbx check out this link, it explains how to do this:

djohnson.info/freepbx-remove … directory/



I had already done that, but apparently separate from that the voicemail.conf file changed ownership to root:root. Once I changed it to asterisk:asterisk per a reply on the freepbx forum, it allowed me to put in the ()'s and everything is working. Thanks for getting back to me.

I didn’t realize you had done that. Asterisk is usually the owner of such files. Its rather typical. It could have been done when you were editing the file?

You’re welcome.

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