FastAGI or do everything in the dialplan?

I am building a custom dialer for my company that will only use SIP trunking from external carriers. I have looked into all the possible stuff for keeping call logs and building advanced dialplans via func_odbc and CDR.

My question is, for a system that will be placing a lot of outbound calls primarily… What should I use for call logging? CDR seems really easy, but I am worried I may not be able to get all the information I require (like who hang up the call, SIP response, SIP hang up cause…etc). There are also not many examples of FastAGI stuff online.

Anyone have opinions? Perhaps links to FastAGI examples for outbound call logging?

Channel event logging?

We will be doing a lot of outbound calls and and CEL looked like it stored a lot of stuff for one call. I looked into CEL and it seemed so terribly designed that I moved past it. I am pretty sure CEL will not work with the amount of calling we will be doing. Any input on that?

We create our own customized Call reports for outbound with the help of func_odbc.

–Satish Barot

That is what I was looking into using. I just want to make sure I am not leaning in the wrong direction.