'#' (fast foward) and '*' (Rewind) not working in VoicemailM


Before posting this as a bug I want to get confirmation that other people are having the same problem. I see way too many bug reports that are not bugs and I do not want to waste develpment time chasing a misconfiguration on my part… ‘#’ (fast forward) and ‘*’ (Rewind) not working in VoicemailMain with Asterisk 1.2.1 Do I have to do something in the dialplan to make this work? I have ‘##’ set as a blind transfer and ‘*2’ set as a attended transfer in features.conf. Per the Wiki Voicemailmain has the following settings:

  • 1 Read voicemail messages
    o 3 Advanced options (with option to reply; introduced in
    Asterisk CVS Head April 28, 2004 with ‘enhanced voicemail’)
    + 1 Reply
    + 2 Call back(1)
    + 3 Envelope
    + 4 Outgoing call(1)
    o 4 Play previous message
    o 5 Repeat current message
    o 6 Play next message
    o 7 Delete current message
    o 8 Forward message to another mailbox
    o 9 Save message in a folder
    o *** Help; during msg playback: Rewind
    o # Exit; during msg playback: Skip forward

  • 2 Change folders

  • 0 Mailbox options
    o 1 Record your unavailable message
    o 2 Record your busy message
    o 3 Record your name
    o 4 Record your temporary message (new in Asterisk v1.2)
    o 5 Change your password
    o *** Return to the main menu

  • *** Help

  • # Exit

  • After recording a message (incoming message, busy/unavail
    greeting, or name)
    o 1 - Accept
    o 2 - Review
    o 3 - Re-record
    o 0 - Reach operator(1) (not available when recording