Failed to make SIP calls elastix

Hi there,

I’ve installed Elastix 2.5 on a dedicated windows 7 computer with Vmware and then created 3 extensions. But I am having trouble with making calls from one extension to another.

101 - Iphone5s IOS Zoiper Client
102 - Iphone6 IOS Zoiper Client
103 - Zoiper PC-Windows7 Client

All extensions are in the same network as the Elastix server. 101 and 102 are connected through wireless router, and the PC is connected with ethernet cable.

I am sure that all clients are registered.
Also the audio codecs are the same codecs (the SIP software is the same Zoiper).
The Stun Server is disabled. Because I just want to be able to make local calls for now.
The PC has a firewall (Comodo) is disabled.
I assume that the corporate firewall doesn’t block any connections since connections are internal and all connections are being made through the cables (corporate Firewall do not interfere)

When I make calls

from 101 to 102 - Error -> Service unavailable (503)
from 102 to 101 - The phone rings and 101 can hear 102 but 102 can not hear 101.
from 101 to 103 - Error -> Service unavailable (503)
from 102 to 103 - Error -> Service unavailable (503)
from 103 to any extension - Zoiper shows that the its dialing but there is no ring tone and dialed client doesn’t ring.

Can anybody tell me whats wrong and give some ideas for a solution?


I’d take it up with the Elastix forums, they’re going to be much more skilled in what they’ve done to implement Asterisk.