External utbound calls

Good day.

Can I have some help, please?
I’m running Asterisk 13.14.0. Freepbx 13.0.64.
My trunk is registered & 2 of my extensions are registered.
I can make calls between those extensions. I can receive external inbound calls.
PROBLEM is my external outbound calls.
I get this error on CLI :
WARNING[18878][C-00002a6c]: chan_sip.c:23875 handle_response_invite: Received response: “Forbidden” from ‘“SIPTrunk” <sip:registered extension@host IP address>;tag=as7a5e2b26’

[2017-05-05 04:19:36] WARNING[3013][C-00002a6c]: app_macro.c:310 _macro_exec: No such context ‘macro-outisbusy’ for macro ‘outisbusy’. Was called by called number@from-internal

On my calling phone it says Forbidden (403)

Thank you.

You have two different errors. For the forbidden error, ask your ITSP why they are rejecting your call, although an incorrect password is a common cause.

For the macro error, fix your dialplan by adding an appropriate definition of the macro, or removing the call to the macro. Only you know how your dialplan is supposed to work.

Okay great… Thank you, David.
Macro error sorted.

When you say “although an incorrect password is a common cause” you mean the host password I got from my service provider?

Thank you.

I men the shared secret that you need to provide when making a call or registering. I wouldn’t know what your provider would call it.

IThank you David, will have a look.
But now I see something on my freepbx “Route CID & Route password” they get there by default, I dont put them in field.
Do you know why? Plz see the screenshoot

This is the wrong forum to ask how to interpret FreePBX screen shots. We work in terms of what is in sip.conf. The value I am referring to is the remotesecret (although you may also see this as a combination of secret and insecure=invite.

Thank you, David. I appreciate your help.
Will need to check with my provider why I can’t make external outbound.
Atleast macro error is cleared.