External media server

i have a problem in implementing external RTP server with asterisk 1.8.7…

adding the line “media_address=X.X.X.X” inside sip.conf makes the calls without voice.

any idea?

Hi to all,

    I have one big doubt in asterisk .for example i am calling to asterisk from my mobile, i can easily find out my mobile number in asterisk CLI mode.but my question is for example A is a outside caller he is call to his frind B.B forward the call to asterisk server.asterisk server only find out B phone number in CLI.A is also communicate to asterisk server.But how can i find out A mobile number in asterisk server.Is it possible to find out A number in asterisk server.can you please give the ideas to how to find out A number in asterisk.


You appear to have hijacked another thread.

The ${CALLERID()} function provides this information. Typically ${CALLERID(num)}, but use the online help for other parameters.

Hi all,

   I am new for asterisk configuration. I have configure asterisk 1.8 in linux 5 beta version .asterisk is installed perfectly and dahdi card also detecting .And connecting my pstn line to asterisk server.But if i am calling to asterisk server through my mobile , call is not routed from pstn to asterisk server.can u give the solution

sailaxman ,

it is not the correct place for your issue !