External dialplan context execution

What is the best methodology to use to execute a dialplan context from another application?

An example would be a system script/application that periodically polls a DB for new entries and for each new entry found automatically conferences 2 specific parties into a call…


You need to make a php/perl script which extract data from database and make it a “.call” file and put it to outbound directory of asterisk which will make it dial automatically.

Sohaib Khan

Thank you Sohaib, that would confirm the approach I was thinking of.
For clarity, I will have a php script that will be executed periodically from crond. The script will do some db work and setup the appropriate .call files for asterisk to asterisk to execute.
The .call files will point to a specific context in the dial plan to execute some more complex call scenarios.

Does that sound right?

yes that’s right.

i have done the same thing for broadcasting message. but you need to create dialplan for conference calling, so it must be according to it.

sohaib khan

Cool, thx.
I think you saved me a lot of time of potentially going down the wrong path.