ExtenSpy help

Hi There,

I am having some issues here with ExtenSpy.
This is the scenario…

We have 12 telemarketers in the company and the sales managers would like to listen in on some calls as they happen, Just as a random QA check i suppose.

The calls are allready being recorded but they would like the ability to listen in live.

I cant get ExtenSpy to work…

The Telemarketers use a context called internal.

So the context for the telemarkers context looks like

[internal] exten => _04XXXXXXXX,1,Macro(Calloutpabx,0${EXTEN},${STRFTIME(,Australia/Sydney,%F)}-${CDR(uniqueid)}) exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,1,Macro(Callout,${EXTEN},${STRFTIME(,Australia/Sydney,%F)}-${CDR(uniqueid)}) exten => _XXXXXXXX,1,Macro(Callout,${EXTEN},${STRFTIME(,Australia/Sydney,%F)}-${CDR(uniqueid)}) exten => _XXXXXX,1,Macro(Calloutpabx,0${EXTEN},${STRFTIME(,Australia/Sydney,%F)}-${CDR(uniqueid)}) exten => _XXXX,1,Macro(Calloutpabx,0${EXTEN},${STRFTIME(,Australia/Sydney,%F)}-${CDR(uniqueid)}) exten => _XXX,1,Macro(Calloutpabx,${EXTEN},${STRFTIME(,Australia/Sydney,%F)}-${CDR(uniqueid)})

and it just calls a macro for the type of call to either go out the old pabx or over voip

How do i set these users up in a spy group or something like that…

Basically the sales manager need the ability to dial a number and listen to a specific extension or cycle throuhg a group of extensions

any help would be greatly appreciated


try this solution
exten => _555/3901,1,ExtenSpy(|v(4))

now you have to add this snop context in you sales manger extension context . means suppose ypou sales manger extension is 3901 & u include snop in that context like

exten => 3901,1, dail(SIP/2901.20) — check it as per ur dail plan

include => snoop

whenever ur sakes Manager dail 555 he can listen all telemareketer call convesrsation when he dail * he can listen next telemarketre conversation & so on.

try this

i put the following in my extensions.conf but when i dial 555 it does not dial

exten => _555/705,1,ExtenSpy(|v(4))

exten => 705,1, dail(IAX2/trunk_3)
include => snoop[/code]

The managers extension is 705, and they need to be able to listen in on extension range 900-920

Im not sure if i put it in the right place,

Thank you

Ok i got it to work by putting

exten => _555/705,1,ExtenSpy(|v(4))

in the dial plan

How do i make it so that the manager can ONLY listen to calls made by telemarketers, and not get other departments… Because while cycling i get the telemarketer calls as well as calls from our sales departments.

I need to set up a spy group,

In the documentation it says

[quote] g(grp)
Only listens to channels where the channel variable ${SPYGROUP} is set to grp. ${SPYGROUP} can contain a : separated list of values.[/quote]

So where do i set up the spygroup


As per my knowldge Spygroup set at out going calling context means context where you mentioed telemarketer out going context where you can mentioed or set spy group & same group mention in ExtenSpy()

there is 1-2 examples in voip.info.org check that. That will help you.