Extenspy configurations

Hi ,

This is sam & i am have configured extenspy commnad in our asterisk,

just want to the syntax for grouping the extensions for the extenspy command by the use of the ${SPYGROUP} command.

I have used following dial plan.


exten => 444,1,ExtenSpy(|v(4)b)

If you can help me out please mail me in @ u2nsam@hotmail.com.


I have configure Extenspy its working fineā€¦


exten => 444,1,ExtenSpy(|v(4)b|g(99))

but grouping the extensions are not working.
if you have any dial plan for grouping the
extensions which should be scan when we
dial 444, from the group sets defined as:

exten => 9206,1,Set(SPYGROUP=99)