Extensions not registered


I tray to connect my IP Phone Zycoo H-81 to CooVox U20V2 but get the following error:
[2021-09-20 10:33:37] WARNING[3649] acl.c: SIP Peer ACL: Rejecting ‘’ due to use of an invalid ACL ‘local_extensions_acl’.
[2021-09-20 10:33:37] NOTICE[3649] chan_sip.c: Registration from ‘Main sip:802@’ failed for ‘’ - Device does not match ACL

Can you help me


Zycoo should answer your questions. The messages indicate that there could be a bogus setup for your access control list (Access-control list - Wikipedia). Delete it, or replace the wrong entry with something that matches your LAN.

I don’t see why the phone vendor is relevant. This is an error with something that the OP has explicitly included in the channel technology configuration file. They need to say what channel technology is in use (presumably chan_pjsip or chan_sip) and provide the contents of the file, for more detailed help.

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