Extensions.ael : Record B-party problem

Hello Everybody, i’m a new Asterisk admin after being a simple asterisk user @t Work :wink:

I explain my little problem. My company as a full VoIP architecture around Avaya/H323 technologies. We configured an asterisk linked with Avaya in order to use SIP Phone.
It works perfectly after Avaya and h323.conf tuning and a good asterisk compilation.

But now we have a new challenge:
our users would be able to :

  • call to a special number (07XXXX) answered by an IVR on Asterisk
  • this IVR asks to compose a code.
  • According to the code provided, Asterisk call a number, composed the code plus #, record 10 secs and hang up.
  • Users hear 10 sec of B-party twice.

I’m closed from the goal but i have just a problem with Dial() function, it seems that all arguments aren’t read and i can’t hang up after 10 seconds.

Is there a mistake in my code? Thanks for your help.

My extensions.ael:

context internal {
includes {
_07XXXX => {

context External1 {
_03X4X => {
Monitor(wav,conference,b(10)); //recording unless the call is bridged to channel.
Dial(H323/00144556677@Avaya,D(${EXTEN}#),L(10000)); //Call the number via Avaya, composed the code plus # and hang up after 10 secc
Playback(/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/conference-in.wav,skip) ; //play B party part
Playback(/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/conference-in.wav,skip) ; //play b-party part

context External2 {
context NotMobile {
i => {

I use :

  • Fresh CentOS 5.1
  • Asterisk compiled from source
  • Openh323-v1_18
  • pwlib-v1_10_0
  • libpri-1.4.3

I simplify my question :smile:

in extensions.ael

Dial(H323/00611223344@Avaya,L(4000)); works
Dial(H323/00611223344@Avaya,D(${EXTEN}#)); works

Dial(H323/00611223344@Avaya,D(${EXTEN}#),L(4000)); doesn’t work

Ok i found an answer on asterisk-france forum.

Dial(H323/00611223344@Avaya,D(${EXTEN}#)L(4000)) works, there isn’t a coma after D{$EXTEN}#}.