Extensions_additional & sip_additional not keeping chang

I’m running *@Home and have a few problems… in my sip_additional the mailbox is set to (exten)@device which does not work for the MWI on the grandstreams. When I take the “@device” out it works. Also, i’m trying to extend the ringtimer and I edit this in extensions_additional. Everything seems to work, but then it mysteriously changes itself back. I believe it occurs during a reboot, but I’m not positive.

I’ve tried manually editing these files and also tried editing them from AMP (config editor)… I seem to be having the same issue.

Any ideas?

You should be using _custom.conf files for the files you modify eg. sip_cutom.conf.
Make sure that there is an #include in the main .conf file to point to the _custom.conf file. If you already have settings in the original .conf files cut and paste to the custom.conf files.