Extension was not connecting

Hi all,

i had an PBX which we use only for internal calls.. when i am trying to call an SIP extension it was not connecting but getting incoming call from that SIP ... As the Extension using in laptop and other was a terminal .... please help me in solving this

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There is no solid information to use to debug this.

Hi David

     i am using PBX without dahdi channel .. i created some extensions for internal purpose .. As we had some grand stream IP phones with some extensions and some extensions we are using in our laptops using Zoiper..  when we are calling from our grand stream IP phone in our office to Zoiper extension in Mumbai  we are unable to connect with it as we are getting calls from Zoiper extension to grand stream IP phones which are in our office
  1. check that your ISP is not blocking the relevant ports.

  2. provide minimally redacted copies of your sip.conf and extensions.conf and a verbose level 5 log file for a failed call. Also provide details of any NAT routers and firewalls.

Be prepared to enable the full log and provide “sip set debug on” output at verbose level 5 and debug level 5.

Note that Asterisk reserves “extension” for patterns in extensions.conf, not for SIP devices.