Extension State and Hints

Dear Asterisk people,
I was figuring out how i can configure a time for asterisk to check if a peer is really still present or not:

as in my test, also if my extension is no more connected (because me manually disconnected it from the internet) it appears still living in asterisk after a long time (more then 30 minutes… maybe 60):

sip show peers
Name/username             Host                                    Dyn Forcerport ACL Port     Status      Description           
maxwell/maxwell           93.147.xxx.xxx                            D   a             5062     OK (96 ms)  


core show hint maxwell
                maxwell@from-internal       : SIP/maxwell           State:Idle            Watchers  0
1 hint matching extension maxwell

But I know it is not true!!

Could i configure in order to have REAL peers STATUS and HINTS?

Thanks for any help to put me in the right way.

qualify and associated parameters. Also you can probably force more frequent re-registrations.

However, it appears that the device (not extension) is still connected, unless you have an extremely large qualify interval, as it is still reporting a valid qualify response.

I suppose a proxy could be spoofing the response.

Hi David, thanks for your reply.



defaultexpiry= 2000



is set to 2000 that i suppose is intended in milliseconds: it should be correct but doesn’t give the expected result.

Re-registration: by the peer? But if the peer is offline it could no more interact with asterisk, that’s the reason why i would monitor the real status and presence. If i misunderstand, is there a way to force re-registration in asterisk?

There are absolutely nothing between my peer and asterisk nor a proxy.

I am stuck :frowning:

It will go offline in the software if it fails to re-register.

However the real issue here is probably qualify. You don’t seem to have overridden the qualify interval, so it should have detected a real loss of connectivity quite soon. Either it hasn’t really lost connectivity or something (e…g a router) is pretending that it hasn’t lost connectivity.

Enable SP debugging. Look of for options requests. If you are seeing both those and the responses, try and work out what is producing the responses.