Extension at home-can it access both home and office trixbox

I’m setting up two systems; one for the office and one for personal use at home. I have a site-to-site VPN running between work and home using a Zywall 2+. I’m using Cisco 7940/60s for the phones.

So my newb design question is around whether I can have a 7960 at home set up to access both systems or whether I should look into system to system communications? I’m doing a lot of searching/reading to figure this out, but thought I’d toss the question out there in the meantime…

Thanks for any input…

My recommendation would be to do a system to system (ie - Asterisk layer) implementation to have an extension ring from two originations, especially since you already have the luxury of a VPN.

Therefore your Cisco would connect to one instance and each local dialplan would dial that extension either locally, or via a SIP/IAX2 dial between the systems.

Thanks muppetmaster. I’ll focus on reading up on that.