Extend Prepaid Call Time without ending the bridged call

Hi All,

I don’t have a lot of experience with Asterisk but what I’m trying to do is create a Dial plan which would allow the caller to extend his prepaid call time in a conversation. The caller has for example a call limit of 20 minutes.

As soon as those 20 minutes expire a message is prompted asking the caller to extend the call time by pressing a digit (in which case I ask then for a six digits PIN number which had previously been given to the caller with the first payment) or hang up.

If the caller enters the right PIN number the call continues. The bridged call should not end unless any of the parties hang up manually or during the paid call time or the caller chooses to not to extend the call at the end of the paid call time.

I’ve done a lot of research but haven’t been able to find a way to do this. I would highly appreciate any help from you.


You are asking for features that are not included in the Asterisk core. Using PHPAGI class, MYSQL and features.conf file you could easily accomplish your task.

Hi ambiorixg12,

Thanks for replying and for your help.

Can you please, give me more details on what I could do to accomplish my task using PHP AGI class, Mysql and features.conf? I am using FreePBX and apparently I don’t have features.conf but features_ general_additional.conf and features_general_custom.conf.