Execute external command when sip user logs in?


is there any way to execute a command whenever a sip user logs in??
What I’m doing here is to execute voice mail if a sip user is not available.
I’d now like to be able to call the user via a call file and play the recorded
voicemail calls when the user activates his phone/starts the softphone.
It wouldn’t even need a configuration option to run a script when a user
logs in, it would even suffice if I could run a cron job to do this.
Last resort would be to run a script tailing asterisk’s log file and looking
for log ins…
I have already asked google and the users forum search, to no avail,
maybe I just searched for the wrong terms :smile:



by the way, I’m using asterisk 1.2.1

see: voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+manager+API

you can use a perl or php or [insert language here] library to monitor the Manager and act accordingly.