Exclude a certain route from using a trunk


In my Outbound routes i have created International & Local Calls. I have 2 trunks for both ITL and LC. All calls are dialed using 011…but all 011254, 01125473, 01125472 should use the local trunk. NB Local Route is 1st priority in my list or routes. Everyone has to dial 011(number) to make a call whether Local or international but all 011254* number should use my local trunk. How do i achieve this? This is what i have so far;

Outbound Route - (International Calls) **Ive put the same in the trunks
Dial Pattern 011.

Outbound Route - (Local Calls) **Ive put the same in the trunks
Dial Pattern


Is it hard to achieve this?..can anyone shed some light?

Although nobody uses or dials 011 for local calls but if you have to enter it to dial locally you can have the first non-local digits excluded before getting passed unto dial. The ${extension:6}@localtrunknamehere used below is used to exclude the digits not needed to dial so you can adjust the number’6’ to whatever digit that matches the amount of numbers to be excluded before dialing through your local trunk entered after the ‘@’ sign.


Wow thats another way to look at it. Ill try it out. Another working solution is below, its working…what do you think?..is it tamper proof?

This is how i did it.

Local Outbound Calls Trunk

International Outbound Trunk
1NXXNXXXXXX ;incase someone dials US/CA 1 (10 digit #)
011|NXXNXXXXXX ;incase someone dials US/CA 011 1 (10 digit #)
01|NXXNXXXXXX ;incase someone dials US/CA 011 (10 digit #)