Evaluating Asterisk on FreeBSD

I’ve tried to post these questions inside the “Asterisk-BSD” area over a week ago but with no luck.
I hope that in this other area of the forum I can get some answers.

I’m evaluating the possibility of using Asterisk for a new project on a high speed private Wan network but, being new to this platform, I need for a start to have some basic info on the following points:

  1. does Asterisk fully support Live Video communications between single users on the network (like in a way Skype does with it’s video chat function) - if so can this live streaming be handled within a browser session with the use of Flash (for example) or do I need to work on specific client based applications in order to have different users of this network interact with each other?

  2. being FreeBSD the privileged o.s. for now and the possibility to handle a lot of video based traffic, do I need to deploy a top of the range server (or is more than one better for balance loading?) by any of the major oems such as HP, Dell, etc. ?

  3. apart from the server/s, any other piece of hardware equipment needed?

Any feedback will be appreciated.