Establishing Distributed Server Communication with Asterisk

I am managing two distributed servers and seeking guidance on establishing communication between them using Asterisk. My goal is to enable seamless call connectivity between these servers.

I would greatly appreciate any insights, best practices, or recommended approaches from the community. If you have experience with similar setups or can provide guidance on configuring Asterisk to facilitate communication between distributed servers, please share your expertise.

Thank you in advance for your assistance, and I look forward to learning from the Asterisk community’s wealth of knowledge.

There are many ways to do this. The solution depends on your “seamless call connectivity” requirements (voice? video? fax? data?) and resources (time? hardware? budget?).

  1. IAX is probably the easiest inter-Asterisk connection method over the public internet using a single UDP port for voice calls.

  2. SIP offers more features and can be more complicated, requiring more ports and therefore more configuration especially with firewalls, but if you are already using SIP phones then it is less of an issue.

  3. DAHDI could work if reliable connection over the internet is not available but you have some phone lines that directly connect to your box.

There are more options but that is arguably a good start.

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