Escaping | and ,


Does anyone have information how to escape | and , characters?
For instance I would like to set the channel variable to the following value Set(myvar=abc|xyz,rgb|qwe).

I know that there are differences in Asterisk v1.2, 1.4 and 1.6, so if anyone could provide this information, that would be great addition to the Asterisk documentation. I was unable to find this info anywhere.


The 1.6.0 upgrade information suggests that you can use “”, although I haven’t tried it.

It seems that in 1.6 \ can be used to escape ‘|’ and ‘,’, but it seems that in v1.2, ‘|’ cannot be escaped in any way.

I was also unable to assign the following value to the variable: 12${3.

Does anyone know how to assign 12${3 to the variable using the Set() application?