Errors running git rebase --rebase-merges -i remotes/gerrit/16

when trying to submit patches for rewiew I get the following error
look like there is a problem with 27438e9000

git stash
git checkout 16
git pull
warning: redirecting to
Already up to date.
git stash pop
git diff  (diff look fine)
git add file1 file2
git commit
git review 16
WARNING: Could not determine git version. Using modern git rebase
Errors running git rebase --rebase-merges -i remotes/gerrit/16
Rebasing (1/2675)
Rebasing (2/2675)
Rebasing (3/2675)
Rebasing (4/2675)
Rebasing (5/2675)
Rebasing (6/2675)
Rebasing (7/2675)
Rebasing (8/2675)
Could not apply 27438e9000... Merge-Update-UPDATE-txt-for-16-and-update-ARI-stubs- # Merge "Update UPDATE.txt for 16 and update ARI stubs."
Auto-merging UPGRADE.txt
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in UPGRADE.txt
It is likely that your change has a merge conflict. You may resolve it
in the working tree now as described above and then run 'git review'
again, or if you do not want to resolve it yet (note that the change
can not merge until the conflict is resolved) you may run 'git rebase
--abort' then 'git review -R' to upload the change without rebasing.

Developers generally don’t hang out here. I’m an exception, as are a few others. The asterisk-dev mailing list[1] is where things like this should go.

The trees and branches themselves are perfectly fine. It more likely appears as though your local 16 branch is tainted/not correct. You generally should never directly touch it, you should instead branch off of it and make a change in that branch instead.

[1] asterisk-dev Info Page


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