Error while installing and setup the app_h324m application

trying to install and setup the app_h324m application from the

Url :

already installed asterisk-1.4.18 , libpri-1.4.6 , zaptel-1.4.9.

Operating system : cent os 5.2

Copy the app_h324m.c file into de Asterisk apps directory and append the following lines to the Makefile in the same directory:

vi /asterisk-1.4.18/apps/Makefile
and written at last : app_h324m.o
$(CC) $(SOLINK) -o $@ ${CYGSOLINK} $< ${CYGSOLIB} -lh324m

after that while running " make " command

it shows error :

make[1]: Entering directory /usr/src/asterisk-1.4.18' rm -f *.o astman smsq stereorize streamplayer aelparse muted check_expr *.s *.i rm -f .*.o.d .*.oo.d rm -f md5.c strcompat.c ast_expr2.c ast_expr2f.c pbx_ael.c rm -f aelparse.c aelbison.c rm -f *.so *.o look eagi-test eagi-sphinx-test rm -f .*.o.d .*.oo.d *.s *.i rm -f strcompat.c rm -f *.so *.o *.oo *.s *.i rm -f .*.o.d .*.oo.d rm -f rm -f snmp/*.o rm -f *.so *.o *.oo *.s *.i rm -f .*.o.d .*.oo.d rm -f rm -f busy.h ringtone.h gentone make -C misdn clean rm -rf *.a *.o *.so portinfo rm -f *.so *.o *.oo *.s *.i rm -f .*.o.d .*.oo.d rm -f rm -f ael/*.o Makefile:51: *** missing separator. Stop. make[1]: *** [apps-clean] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory/usr/src/asterisk-1.4.18’
make: *** [cleantest] Error 2

what is the solution

In the makefile, the part you modified, check to have tabs and not spaces.


Marco Bruni