Error on Outbound Routing

Hi guys…i had been testing my asterisk by management portal. I deleted a trunk i created and after that i deleted all outbound routing in the specific section.
Now when i try to enter to section “Outbound Routing” a warning appear…

Warning: Missing argument 5 for addroute() in /var/www/html/admin/functions.php on line 1313

Now i realized that, maybe, it isn’t a good idea to delete alla outbound routing :smiley:

The problem is…what i should do now???



You should restore configs from backup

thanks for answer first…

I don’t have backup couse this is a test server…do you think must reinstall all??
I would like to know why it says me that problem…at least to know if the problem was deleting the route or other problem…

you might ask over on the AMP forums, if there are any…

End of problem!!

I don’t know why, i don’t know how but i fixed it simply make a refresh of the ZAP channel…and i use the SIP channel… :imp: