Error message when IAX is using for internal calls transfer

socket_process_meta: Received trunked frame before first full voice frame

how can we fix this and what is the reason of this message???

is this issue due to bandwidth issue ???

It generally happens because of an out of order/dropped packet, where chan_iax2 received a trunked frame before a full frame (like it stated). Trunked frames contain less information and it has to see a full frame first. There’s nothing you can outright do to solve it - and the call should continue/audio should flow quickly afterwards.

Also half of the posts on my screen are from you - I’d suggest instead of just immediately posting on here you try to do a bit of research and investigation first.

i posted only those post here,which are out of my limit and i have already tried.

You are too far out of your depth. You need to hire someone with specific knowledge.

The volunteers here are not a substitute for time or money on training and consultancy.

From your other question, about audio quality, it sounds as though your network is overloaded, which is also explaining this issue.

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