Error in transfer

Good day,
faced with a problem that can not decide … Please help. Describe the situation:

Use in Asterisk, when trying to transfer a call from one number to another - asterisk falls and when it did not happen … In the logs there is nothing, even in the extended debug mode.
in / var / log / messages a record - Oct 13 12:19:44 srv2 kernel: asterisk [5279]: segfault at 000000004120bff0 rip 0000003b82072a18 rsp 000000004120bfb0 error 6

Please help! Where to watch!
Thanks in advance!

The fact that you didn’t understand the error message indicates you don’t have significant development skills. is no longer supported. You have a crash bug. Normally one would say follow the crash bug reporting procedures, but nothing would be done for a report for that version.

I’d suggest either:

Upgrade to a supported version;

Get a backtrace anyway and try and match it to an existing report, or guess what the co-factors are from where it is crashing, and then see if you can avoid using the failing feature.

Without programming skills, doing your own debugging and fixing, or even backporting a fix from 1.8, is probably out of the question.