Error 404 not found?


I am getting this error on all my calls. The calls does go through though. But some of my calls fail-over to my Land line?

What does this error mean. and is this the cues of the fail-overs?

thank you in advance.

Number unobtainable.

It means that you sent a sequence of dialled digits that was not recognizable as a valid number. Is being logged by Asterisk or being sent by it? It is possible that it sends it for unreachable destinations.

Asterisk doesn’t do failovers; they have to be implemented by a custom dialplan. You will need to ask the person who wrote the dialplan about those. My guess is that you want

Hi David

Thank you for your reply.

I am using a custom dialplan.
The dailplan has not changed and this problem has started a month ago.
Can a extension that is configured wrong cues it to fail over?

Nothing can cause Asterisk to fail over as Asterisk has no concept of failing over. Without seeing your custom dialplan it is impossible to say how it will respond to various fault conditions.