Equivalent X-Lite-Settings in Asterisk

I can connect through my X-Lite softphone with my VoIP-Provider, but I can’t connecdt through my Asterisk PBX. I’ve the following settings (faked ones for this post) in my X-Lite SIP Account Settings and I’m wondering if anyone could tell me the equivalent Asterisk-Settings:

Display Name: 123
User Name: 123
Password: secret
Authorization Name: 123

Domain Proxy send outbound via: Domain

Dialing Plan: #1\a\a.T;match=1;prestrip=2;

IP-Address: Use local IP Address
STUN Server: Discover Server

Use XTunnels: Never

Thanks a lot!

you don’t have equivalent settings in asterisk - you have to set up the account in sip.conf, and then set up the routing in extensions.conf

if you look at the sample extenions.conf and sip.conf, it should get you started.