Epygi Quadro ISDN on Asterisk

I’m trying to configure an Epygi ISDN gateway with asterisk. I wonder if anyone around here has one of this.

I’ve managed to make this gateway to send calls with Caller ID to my Asterisk machine, and I can see them on my extensions.
Also managed to make calls with this gateway.

To that points, can seem to be fine… but I found to big problems:

  1. When I receive a call into this gateway, it presents a IVR menu, and after DTMF tones, it sends them to the dialplan context specified on the sip configuration. I’ve configured that no matter what is pressed it sends to another context so I can manage it into my asterisk machine instead on the gateway. But I’m willing to “eliminate” this IVR menu. any ideas?

  2. When I send a call, It doesn’t shows the Caller ID. I’ve tried to call directly with a ISDN phone thru the ISDN lines and it shows the called Id with no problem so I believe is the gateway that doesn’t put the caller id for some reason…

I believe that problems are not in asterisk machine since configuration of sip.conf/extensions.conf seem pretty simple (just like an internet sip trunk for example, without the part of registering maybe because I’ve not configured the gateway with need of registering to connect to it, I don’t know it yet).


I could managed to solve this by myself.

Problem was I did not config the MSN data in the ISDN trunks configuration tab.

I solved with this, both issues at once.