Epigy and Asterisk


First off all sorry for my bad english.

Here in “my” office we have a Epigy QuadroX2 PBX, and convinced my boss to let me install a Asterisk PBX, with 1 condition, I need to be able to have the to pbx working togheter for 2 months.
The license that we have for the Quadrox2 only permits 9 users, but the company is growing and now we are 25, so i need to set up the other 16 users in Asterisk.
I’ve already installed asterisk, made the extensions and i can call between the asterisk users. I can make calls to the outside by voipbuster, and i can call from the asterisk to quadro users, but i can get the calls that come from quadro to asterisk.
How can i allow all calls that come from the *@

In asterisk i have a trunk that is an extension in the epigy, and in epigy i have a trunk that is an extension in asterisk.

Best Regards.