"Entitlement key"

i m new to asterisk
kindly help me about Entitlment key

Can you please tell us what this key is supposed to do?
I am guessing it is from another pbx and you want to emulate that in asterisk. If so you will have to clarify what you want Asterisk to do

i want to establish pbx telepohen server, after installation when i configuring a message accured enter Entitlement key with error"a permanent failure accured:/etc/conaryrc:3: when processing includeconfligfile:/etc/conary/config.d/conaryrc.asterisknow:1:when processing includeconfligfile: error reading config file rmirror.digium.com/conary:temporary failure in name resolation"

now what i do

My understanding is that you only get messages about entitlement keys if you are using a commercial version of Asterisk. In that case you should seek support from the person from whom you bought it.

In any case, the message indicates the use of AsteriskNow, and there is a different forum for that.