Endpoint connectivity history


I am in desperate need to figure out how to check endpoint connectivity history, so I can confirm the time and date that endpoint was last seen\active etc.

So for example if device with extension 878 was disconnected some time ago, I would like to pinpoint when exactly this happen.

Is there a way to extract that information from Asterisk server?

Asterisk does not keep a history of such things. The information may be in log files (such as /var/log/asterisk/messages) but it’s up to you to parse and construct such information. Events are also raised over the manager interface when such things occur, but that too does not keep a history.

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I’m not sure but I guess that PJSIP endpoint status when reachable and not, is only available on the console but not on the system log files

pjsip_configuration .c: Endpoint xxxx is now Unreachable

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