Encrypt Call Recordings


Anybody knows if Asterisk can Encrypt Call recordings?


Or any app running at server…

How about setting the destination of the recordings to a disk partition that uses an encrypted file system?

You need to be clearer about the threats you are defending against.

I’d guess you could run something in the h extension processing to encrypt after the end of the call. You may have to use asymmetric encryption, or tamper resistant hardware, if the whole machine could be compromised, but you will need a symmetric cipher for the bulk data. I’m not aware of off the shelf, command line level, encryption software that uses a public key to encrypt the session key, so you may have to build it from lower level openSSL components.

Im assuming you want to do this for PCI compliance , Is that correct ? If so then you are better ro look at a standalone system for recordings and teh majority of these will be PCI compliant