Enable unistim in Asterisk 11.20


I have problem with Asterisk 11.20, it seems to me it doesn’t support unistim. For info. Asterisk 11.16 support unistim, so is there any way to make Asterisk 11.20 support unistim too.

The unistim channel driver is present in Asterisk 11.20.0. Did you ensure it was built? (Does make menuselect show it selected). Did it present an error when Asterisk loaded?

actually it’s Elastix 3, it comes with Asterisk 11.16 with no chan_unistim module.

my question is how do I add chan_unistim module to asterisk through CLI ?

You have to rebuild Asterisk in order to have the module. I don’t know what is involved in that for Elastix.

I rebuild it many times but I still face the same problem, thank you dear.